This is a hub of themed articles, prose, and poetry collections. It’s also an outlet for my own personal writings & reflections, as well as professional updates and news!

As a non-fiction writer, I’m concerned with the female experience, diaspora & self-orientalism/exploitation within the writing community, literary theory, writers I admire, and more. As a fiction writer, I write literary with experimental and magical realist elements. I am barely a poet, but sometimes I do that too.

I’m a writer from San Francisco and student, as well as the founder & editor-in-chief of Flat Ink. I was born in the Mission District as the daughter to two dervishes, an accountant and a teacher. I’m a descendent of Kahramanmaraş, Istanbul, Almaty, and their literature.

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Dilara Sümbül

Dilara Sümbül is the founder and editor-in-chief of Flat Ink.